Friday, May 26, 2017

Donald's First: the Presidential Tour

Donald is wrapping-up the first of what promise to be some very exciting trips to see some really great people in some very interesting places. He'll be jetting home after he reads the riot act to the sluggards of NATO who have fallen behind in their dues. At Mar-a-Lago there's no free lunch, there are membership fees too - why shouldn't that happen everyplace else?

                                                     The Chinaman's free lunch

The 'outing' began with a trip to Saudi Arabia and a meeting with the Arab summit.   It turns out that was the best place he could have started.  Not only were the Sh
riners really great people, they also gave him a very special decoration and let him get in on a tribal dance. then they let him tell all the Muslims what he thought about making them greater.  His advice;  "kick them Out!"

                                         The beheadment sword dance

 Never one to beat around the bush, Trump out-war Presidented the last two in making America's message very, very clear.  No more 'If your people shoot at my soldiers,  they'll die"  or "Show us the evildoers"  Trump 'nut-shelled' it in a way that could be easily-committed to memory: all Muslims have to do to get ahead in the  new American World is 'kick them out'. Kick out Al Qaeda, or ISIS or Hezbolleh, kick out Nusra Al Shams, Black September, Fatah, Hummis - and evil-doing organization - 'kick them out' into the street and the gun sights of waiting Apache jockeys.  Like  'good guys' have been trying to get them to do for almost 20 years.   Problem for Donald is that he's neither a Muslim, nor as far as most Muslims are concerned a particularly 'good' guy himself.   They applauded and eyed up his nearly naked women - I'd bet  a lot like General Dreedle's WAAC, - but I wouldn't hold back on dessert waiting for them.

                            I think I can get this into a crack, they let you do that if you're famous

 After that it was back to his roots - everybody knows that 'real' life on Earth started in Jerusalem.  Which was where the Israelis though Don would announce the latest US embassy.  Dumb bugger wouldn't do it.  even though the good guys got ISIS to claim they'd tried to put a permanent period on Ariana Grande's spectacular career, all he would do was add them to his 'loser' list. So aside from a few moments spent communing with the trillions of shekels traded at temples of times past and having the ladies pay their respects separately,  Donald only got a cheap yarmulkeh from the Jews. They were probably chuffed about the Saudis becoming a 'first world military' all of a sudden.

Off to Rome and the Holy Father - fap!  The pope didn't even offer him a 'red hat' like the dozen he passed-out the day before. Something like that and a title Prince of the Church would be a great great honor for trump. And he didn't get one. the wall just gained another three feet.

Finally off to NATO and then back to the G7 in Italy.  Both of those are potential losses for the NATO gang aren't going to go for his 'kick 'em out' thing any more than the Arabs did. The G7 could be a real disaster - since Trump has held free trade with anybody, including the G7, as something almost as desirable  as a case of shingles.

The NATO 'shove' - a Bromance is born - even Presidentress Grabheraitus of Lithuania loves the Trumpster. This from one of America's best 'peeple readers'.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Bomba Grande in Manchester. Coal to Newcastle?

While 'bringing coal to Newcastle' was always given as an example of uselessness, somebody bombing a kids' concert like the one in Manchester is just the kind of thing that makes me want to give up more of our freedoms in return for being better-protected.  Coming out of the Manchester event - along with the 'normal'   flood of condolences and castigations of 'world terror' - are the standard calls for even tighter security, and in Britain's case the need for an incumbent  Prime Ministerial candidate for election,  to step forward and display the kind of leadership that was missing last week before anybody know something like this would happen.

Adding to the news coverage are a number of strangely dissonant side-stories:  stories of 'missing' children who seem to have disappeared in the glut of 'helping' that followed the blast. Or reports of disappeared children who obviously haven't, or victims who aren't.  There has been an outbreak of social media 'spoofing' laid at the doors of a new phenomenon - 'the Internet hacker' - obfuscating the message that 'real' news services are trying to get out to us, when they're not interfering with a democratic election - like the one underway in England. Meanwhile this: "In the early hours of the morning of the 23rd May – approximately 02.35BST   NDTV via the Washington Post stated quite categorically that:
“U.S. officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, identified the assailant as Salman Abedi. They did not provide information about his age or nationality, and British officials declined to comment on the suspect’s identity.
This was published at a time when British police and security services were refusing to make any statements as to who they thought the perpetrators were because at the time, they were dealing with the immediate aftermath of the event." - taken from the Center for Global research site.  Is this about 'the US leaking secret info - ie the Brits knew who did it and informed the US within 4 hours of the incident?

Theresa May, the Tory candidate who has been a large part of the recent governmental 'austerity' program, (which has removed almost 20 000 police from British streets over the past 8 years) is calling for a military deployment of 5 000 troops 'on the street' - I assume in Manchester.  The last time such a military deployment happened there,  it resulted in the Peterloo Massacre - and early attempt to 'put down'  the earliest seditious labour unions.  17 days before election day?   3 days of mourning and  a fortnight to 'take action',  gets Jill elected Prime Ministress - Putin couldn't have done it better.


Deployment - Squaddies  to Scotland Yard

And to the Palace

This is REAL terror I tell ya!

The larger picture.

The culprit:  US security forces identified him and he 'was known to them' - not well enough.

The Libyan connection - to a NATO sponsored Anti-Ghaddafi group

      The Perps Brother - after arrest in Libya - not ISIS or AQ - NATO-sponsored 'freedom fighters'

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Canada's Mission Civilitrice

Let's go kill some Tuareg scumbags!  Tuaregs? Aren't they a snazzy VW SUVs?  And what's scummy about a fine automotive prawduct like that?  Other than providing Canada's military with the danger pay bonus to actually buy one, maybe, there's not much 'scummy' at all.

While we may not be there yet - Mali is one of those places being considered for the peace-keeping ministrations of he CAF - others being locales in west Africa, eastern Europe or perhaps a return to Kandahar.  We haven't made up our  mind just what our response to the  NATO allies holding the line against a terroristic insurgencies in Africa is going to look like. Personally I think we had best take the example of Greece - another valued NATO ally - and tell 'the alliance' to go 'naff' itself.  Killing Tuaregs isn't going to do Canada, or NATO, any good.

Tuareg 'terrorism'

The Touareg - the original 'blue men'  of National Geographic cultural pieces - are an African tribe of the central Sahara area.  Long a powerful and influential trading tribe - like many  other African peoples they fell afoul European colonialism. In the Tuareg's case it was essentially French Colonialism,  although there are a sizable population in northern Nigeria (British)  and Southern Libya (Italian)   they didn't run as afoul as other tribes until fairly recently.  Like other tribes they found themselves split into foreign 'nationalities' when the gerrymandered boundaries of the imperial administrative districts became 'national borders'.  Usually well-organized, armed and willing to fight, the Touaregs were as asset to any government smart enough to get them on-side. Nigeria for instance - largely used muslim northerners  in their armed forces to suppress rebellious Christian southern tribes and keep government hands on the nations oil wealth. The Biafran revolt was largely put down by such fighters.  Now the Touaregs, perhaps aggravated by  a seemingly incompetent series of corrupt governments, and the burgeoning presence of 'anti-terrorist' western forces in the region, raising up and training essentially Christian armies to fight muslim terror,   have been trying to establish themselves as independent of the various nations in which they live for the past 15 years or so. In only one area - predominantly muslin CAR are the Touaregs a force fighting in support of the government. Should the CAR forces be used , as seems to be the plan, to suppress 'terrorism' in neighbouring areas , they could be faced with fighting other Touaregs. We seem to think they'd like  to do that for us.

France has been heavily involved in 'stabilizing' the  former members of its African empire from the time of independence in the 70's.  It fought a brushfire war with Libya's Ghaddafi over territorial claims to Chad back in the 80's and it has maintained training forces all across the Sahara region.   Because Canada has a francophone population - and some bilingual military units - it is thought they might be a good fit. Given the kind of force deployed to Afghanistan - mixed in so very many ways - it's highly unlikely that language is going to make much difference. We could deploy a Muslim unit but they too, might as well be peace-keeping/training on the moon.

                                         French Bases in North Africa

Canada has maintained a small Special Forces training mission in Niger - at last until fairly recently.  At least as far as being part of  NATO's 'Operation Flintlock' in 2014.

What Makes Canada SOOOO great?

According to Heather Mallick , a Toronto journalist who is "so in love" with Canada on its one hundred and fiftieth birthday this year, is the same kind of stuff that makes Canada ever so much better for real people than that cacaphony of 'democrazy' lying just to its south - especially, don't we all know,  how Canada has so wisely managed its 'abortion issue'.

She had this to write in Toronto's Daily Star

Heather on what makes Canada so great

Heather was almost pious in her praise of the handful of NDP 'activists' who appeared with their own signs and a demand to de-hoist the "anti abortion" banner that had been raised to mark the occasion by the Ottawa City Council.  That affirmation  somebody's freedom  not to be insulted by a flag was not 'Trumpian? Nor is the demand to outlaw the 'devisive' issue and punish its adherents?

The Flag - It's 'up and down'

 The  20th  annual   Life March in Ottawa  taking place this weekend must have triggered a post-traumatic something in Heather, for she  has been able to crystallize her thinking thus: Canada is about every woman's right to have her womb tumor, her unwanted alien, her life destroyer removed absolutely free and (with the help of an agreeable Obstetrician or surgeon  up to  the moment of delivery. And Anyone who would stupidly i imagine continue to show up to ate the opposite is well "Trumpian" and representative of everything evil in America. I thought there were other greater evils than somebody having to travel out of state, or to Canada - or to have to pay for their pregnancy termination.

                             Another wanted child  protesting but probably not bussed in

 Abortion actually used to be a criminal offense in Canada - but so were many other things now accepted as legitimate. There were Canadians protesting abortion before Trump made his first 10 million, Heather and there will be Canadian protesting abortion after he's hit the Presidential Hall of Fame.  For you see, Heather, for all our civilization, the termination of 175 000 lives  every year (the last time the statistic was recorded 5 years ago) flies in the face of 'abortion as social panacea', the 'solution' that would remove 'the need for itself' , sold to Canadians when the 'industry' was initiated.

 Like any right-minded industry,  abortion in Canada is, perhaps, the most common medical procedure and costs the health care system billions in annual expenditure.  Rather than 'reducing a need' it seems to be creating an ever-growing one.  What's really wrong with this Heather is that Canadians have never had, and are still denied, a voice on this 'divisive' issue.  Most Canadians are stuck between the true believers on both ends of the issue and would have it regulated were not such as yourself so shrill in castigating those who don't see things your way, those who would qualify this particular 'right' - as some sort of ignorant primitives willing to chase women down with the proverbial coat hanger and abort them themselves. There used to be a law against such people but not any more. - for now they are all caring and 'scientific' and use hi-tech to do the same old 'dirty' job.   Abortion is no longer a law of the land, in Canada, and there lies the rub.  Soviet Russia and China -  bulwarks of women's 'rights to choose', did not have so draconian a procedure for terminating a fetus  as does enlightened Canada.

One would think that now a full generation is grown up in the age of liberalized abortion all those happy, wanted children that resulted from the 'choice'  would be making a change. But as Heather says there is something seemingly 'wrong' with them being bussed to Ottawa to celebrate life and give thanks that their mothers weren't having a few 'bad days' 17 - 20- 25  years ago. Or maybe she wishes they had been aborted leaving the best kind of Canadians the ones who 'don't care'  or don't want to be reminded that, in Canada, a 'mother'  killing a baby before its born is no crime. Afterward that's a different story.  But why?

                                  Wanted children protesting after being "bussed -in"

It must be like a US refugee reaching the magical Canadian 'border' where, all of a sudden, good things happen that don't happen any other place any other way.  Maybe our abortion laws are another reason they're 'running' here - one might expect to see more pregnant ladies, no?

I imagine that Heather is equally 'down' on repression,  but something tells me that shy of a ban on such 'protests',  she might not mind the annual 'Life March' being swept off the street by machine gun fire - oh to be in such a benighted land for a moment.

Another Big Fat Conspiracy

How did Putin steal the US Presidency from Hilary Clinton?  The short answer is 'We don't know."

 The more nuanced answer is that 'we do know' because a private internet security company in California has detected traces of what he calls a Russian hacking group busting into the DNC server and stealing email. He also detected 'Russian' hacking in an attempt, he claims, to make electronic voting machines on Illinois  register a different vote than was entered. And then there is the Wikileaks dump of email relating to Hilary Clinton on a number of different issues - released shortly before the vote. Along with what is claimed to be a constant barrage of 'false news' written in Moscow and published in US media,  there is, according to a 12 page Security report on the subject, a clear and present indication that Putin has been personally doing the 'hokey pokey' with America.

 This has been maintained as the fundamental understanding of 'what's up' and has been further extended and expanded to an investigation that Trump was in cahoots, or was possibly being blackmailed over some micturating prostitutes, with or by Moscow to gain the throne and then sell America down the  proverbial (or in Bennie Arnold's case the Hudson) river.

A meeting with the Russians this weekend past has provided the latest grist for that mill and US median has been chunnering that Trump blabbed the 'down and dirty' on some very tip-top secret US 'intel' about an  ISIS to change civilization.

It just so happened that the same day this story broke - so did another - a report on the mysterious death of a Democratic IT worker called  Seth Rich.  Rich was found, dying of two bullet wounds, on a Washington street early last year.  His death, ascribed by police to a botched robbery in which nothing was stole, n has been investigated by a man hired by the Rich's family.  That investigator is now claiming to have been told by police and FBI contacts that Rich's laptop, sequestered by police as part of their investigation. reveals details of possible contacts over a period of time between Rich and Wikileaks. For there has long been a counter story to the 'Putinic plot' to 'bolshoi' America, that someone inside the Democratic party was releasing their communications.  We know for fact that much of the damaging information about Clinton , released late in the campaign and which caused the FBI to announce an investigation - was released by the NYPD after they seized a laptop belonging to Jeffrey Wiener (look at my dick fame) - the husband of Clinton's personal assistant Huma Abedin - and on which they found an amount of Clinton/ Democratic party material.

An upcoming release of further information , it was claimed , would detail some of this contact with Wikileaks.  Wikileaks founder Julian Assange went on record to talk about this slaying and while making no admissions that Rush was his source, nonetheless offered a reward for information leading to the arrest of Rush's killer.

If any of this is correct it could indicate that he conventional wisdom governing America, its government and its foreign policy in regard to Russia is, essentially, like the WMDs of the BushCo era,  another load of bunkum and hooey causing great destruction and accomplishing little or nothing.

This story is well detailed on Mnar Muhwesh's  alternitive news site Mint  Press.

Mint Press Investigation

Friday, May 12, 2017

Suppose they gave an Atrocity and nobody Noticed?

In all the revolving hoopla that is America to-day:  pseudo-medicare and fired pols - interspersed with what the Kardashians are doing,  or the odd military celebration, we forget that Syria is still the object of somebody's desires and Assad a target for regime change.

 We thought that Trump warning the Norks by cruising an obscure airfield in Syria was the end of it.  But America's interests stretch further afield - the Marines are IN northern Syria working with their 'free Syrian Allies' and making a buffer zone to keep the Turks from killing our  other pals the Kurds. The US is also on Syria's eastern border moving in, with the Kurds, toward Raqqa and, in the south, trying to drive on the outpost at Dier Ez Zor - the place accidentally bombed last December to accidentally 'pave the way' for ISIS taking the Army base it hadn't been able to capture in 5 years of trying. And then there are the security pistoleers hanging out in Jordan.

Messier 'operations'?

You may recall one of those being killed in a 'green on green incident not all that long ago. At one time it was just another training cadre working at developing contractors in the finest pseudo shoot- 'em-up 'village' that real bucks could buy. An Xbox 'experience' on 100 percent scale, with live ammo.

But it seems that somebody has brought a significant force of US armor to the Syrian border in the Kingdom - just as the FSA in the area decided it had the balls to take the market town of  Dara'a . Turns out it didn't and couldn't - at least after Assad transferred a couple of his best units there to give them some resistance. So the 'coalition' force sits, scoping the battle by drone and binocular, Waiting, waiting, waiting..

 'Waiting for what?' you might ask. A Syrian  invasion of Jordan?  Highly unlikely. The Syrians have, until very recently,  managed to ignore the freedumb fighters of the south front. There are too many 'uninvaded' rebel parts of Syria, that are far more important than starting a war with the King of Jordan.

What they're waiting for is another 'outrage'  - Assad gassing his people again - thumbing his nose at somebody 'dutiful' and then invading Syria to save it.  If the soothsayers are right that outrage is going to happen within days and the target zone will be in east Damascus - and area being fought over by two 'rebel groups' while Assad's forces watch for the opportunity to eliminate both. A 'peace' was in the works just a couple of days ago - with the rebels to be removed to rebel territory.  But, hey, a good gassing doesn't let peace get in the way.

(It seems that the east Damascus scenario has changed significantly in the last week. After a protracted period of fighting between 'Free Syrian' forces themselves, in the enclave, it was announced two days ago (May 15) that large numbers of the rebel forces were being transported out of the City to other rebel held areas. These transfers of populations, like the one described further below) are a 'hall mark' of the apparent lack of brutality in the Assad regime's crack down on his people.  But he could I imagine gas somebody, somewhere ,to cause that  US invasion.)

 The US has been distracted by domestic issues and Russia.  It has China to worry about and the Norks are making people crazy with their  threats and bad behavior.  It's just right for another white helmet sneak attack.

rescuing their victims

America did miss the last 'sneak attack'.  That happened a couple of weeks after the gassings - during another one of those peace exchanges. It targeted pro-regime Syrians and was carried out by our freedom-fighting allies. It killed a lot of babies but 'crispy critters' and busted buses don't have the same photogenic 'jolt' as little clean faces, dead for no reason other than Assad's 'hate' and craziness.

Another similar evacuation, yesterday, of the northern town of  Taqba and involving ISIS forces surrendering positions controlling a Euphrates River dam there, was derailed when US helicopter gunships reportedly  intercepted and destroyed the ISIS column that had been released by Kurdish forces in return for a peaceful surrender.

Report in the Independent

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

So Many Evil 'Trannies', So Few Humanitarian MOBEs

This has nothing to do with royally-decorated Brits, or transvestites. Watching TrumpCo at work, this past one hundred days, one has to be struck with the number of 'troubles' with which the poor man has been afflicted that the 'hopeful' one, before him, wasn't! Thank goodness the recent developments seem to have obviated the other developments that threatened to abort his Presidency.  But pending a victory somewhere, the 'Vita-Suck' tissue-extractor hasn't been turned-off.  That somewhere could be Trump's war - in Venezuela.

Not only is America still dealing actively with the very real 'war fronts'  it has in Afghanistan and Iraq, it still has kinetic 'boots on the ground' 'kicking ass and taking names' in Libya, and Somalia, in (unofficially) Syria and Eastern Europe - thanks to Obama. Now we're seeing the traditional 'bug-a-boos' galumphing back into traditional 'flare-ups',  as Trump tries to 'address' the 8 years they were 'neglected' or 'ignored'.  North Korea is definitely in somebody's sights, Afghanistan is now re-'Surge'-ent and Iran , which wasn't ever off the table, still actively isn't - again. Not only that,  Trump has now made Syria an 'official' red line for somebody unAmerican to cross,  to-day there's Venezuela - where there's just too much 'tyranny' going on - for America to 'ignore' much longer.

                                         La revolucion es mas photogenico

'Bolivarian' Venezuela has been in America's Monroe Doctrine poster child for quite some time. The problem was that the trouble there was 'indigenous' and couldn't be laid to the traditional European 'interference' in America's hemisphere - although, for a while, both the Russians and Chinese were being faulted for supporting the 'regime'.  Even though the OAS tried getting (NATO representative) Juan Carlos of Spain into it - inviting him as a 'guest speaker' to be "insulted" by Chavez - that came a cropper on nobody else getting excited but El Rey.

                                         Ordinarily extraordinary people

When Chavez 'stepped into the mystery' it seemed that 'the times to come' had advanced themselves notably well-enough that America had only to bide its time, for the 'pistoleros' who had failed once before to unseat 'the usurper' and get 'theirs' back,  set about trying to unseat his successor.

                                         Even ordinary girls protest - Nuns, even!

Surprisingly this sad process is taking overly long - the Bolivarian Army doesn't seem to be obeying orders - probably something to do with the "justly merited" charges of 'narco-trafficking' with which the US has threatened them all, or at least the head 'honchos' and the government. Even the recent attempt to unseat another tyrant - the Russian one - by 'crashing' Russia's oil-based economy (and every other oil-based economy on earth that didn't have access to IMF 'emergency' funding)  failed to do more than  'deepen' the economic (consumer) 'crisis' in 'cash-strapped' Venezuela - where people were forced to find a replacement for 'Charmin' and imported bum-wipe!  The opposition hit the streets - apparently 'supported' by the 'suffering' people - who were being forced to travel abroad to buy the consumer goods (Bulgari and Oscar de la Renta)  they could no longer get at home. Patriotic businesses were forced to shutter their doors and stop importing - which led to 'shortages' of basic foodstuffs, rioting and, lately we are told, the looting of what few local shops and government outlets still remain.

                                       Near THE looted bakery, not near the GM pant

This past week we were treated to the 'spectacle' of the 'reds' socialistically 'taking over' THE  GM factory in Venezuela that hadn't produced a single car in two years.  That hadn't stopped GM from continuing to keep the 2700 Venezuelans it had hired, 'on the payroll' for all that time - good corporate citizens of wherever they are, that they are.  Left out of the saga was the fact that the (corrupt)  courts had recently  ruled against GM,  in lawsuits brought against the company in relation to contracts they had with Venezuelan GM dealerships - and that those 'employees' were busy tearing the factory down for transshipment to more lucrative markets (back in the USSA?).

Apparently this is not the first US firm to 'come a socialist cropper' in Venezuela. When the 'Clorox' company decided to cease operations there, three years ago (how come this wasn't news?), the 'socialists' who worked for the company 'took-over' the factory and continued to provide Venezuela with the means of producing chemical WMD's (should a better reason for humanitarian bombing ever be needed).   Needless to say GM fired everyone, yesterday (by email - they're all connected?). The operations staff having already departed the country. GM also informed the employees they were receiving an unspecified 'separation payment' - those good guys that GM are  - probably enough to purchase a handful of magic frijoles - or a  gun.

 To-day there are 'fears' the 'protests' will turn violent - or morph into 'civil war' -  if 'military arms' supplies are compromised - or that a massacre of good people (protestors) may occur if the government arms its 'socialist militias' and turns them loose on the 'dissidents' - sort a reverse EUkrainia - with a really hyper-aggressive 'crazy man' , who isn't even really 'concerned' or  'threatening' anything yet, ready to  defend freedom and unborn democracy - from Washington. Hell, he might even 'invade' or 'annex' something!  There already is a carrier strike group in the area.

So while we watch a US fleet close-in on possible danger from the Norks, or the Marines taking Helmand back from the Talies, Assad not crossing the line, Putin not invading Ukraine, Dutarte stopping whatever that is , the Somali pirates going away again,  the Saudis having their vict'ry parade in Sanaa, and Lindsay Lohan's unmolested 'pussy',  let's just hope that Venezuela stays on the path of Jebus and Liberty - and that Putin, stealing the French election, doesn't remind Americans, again, that he stole theirs too - and started all this crap.

Friday, April 21, 2017

If a Big Lug Falls in the Forest, Does Anybody give a Sh*t?

It's official the Holy Pole, the Staff of Straightness the Master of the Mounted and  the 'Weeping Wumminater' - Commissioner Dudley of the Mounted - is taking a long-awaited and fairly-well-deserved pasturage. And just about time too!  He won't have to enforce those silly pot laws any more, Hell's dingers, he'll be able to treat his career-induced PTSD with some of the 'medical' stuff.  That should stand him in good stead if he buys a Harley, gets a piercing, a bandanna to cover his 'Daddy Warbucks' and grows some bandido-style facials.

But when you think about his tenure - there are some miles under the old snow radials, eh?

Bob took over at the end of the reign of the first civilian to head-up the RCMP since its founding. That came about after the last 'real' Mountie - 'the Italian' - let the organization 'go to hell in a hand cart' and a female temp 'commander' was hired. Well the wheels weren't even back on, when his predecessor retired, leaving Bob promising to be accountable while taking a couple of years to figure out what was gong on and settle-down with his second Mrs. Paulsen. The wedding was an indication  of what the future would be like, as Bob dragooned a few RCMP cadets into wasting a perfectly good Saturday making sure he had some 'lances' for his 'honer guard'. Actually he had every intention of paying the cost, writing a mis-spelled cheque immediately on finding out somebody had noticed. After that it was smooth sailing - with a couple on minor hiccups.

One on the major hiccups was one shared with a number of Commissioners - ' problems of an institutional nature' - arising within the RCMP itself. His predecessors could do little about that and after 6 years it seems apparent that Paulsen didn't have a clue, either. But being a 'real cop', at least he made somebody happy. He stood watch as the tasering inquiry ground itself out - leaving the Force with a substantial black eye, not simply for 'accidentally' killing somebody - that shit happens - but by getting caught lying and falsifying evidence (again - that 'instututional thing?)  A couple of good guys had their careers terminated over that - saving further embarrassment to the Service. There were a couple of largish black eyes related to terrorist attacks on the government. The running-down of a soldier, followed, mere days later, by the Bibeau shoot-em-up in Ottawa, left Bob looking like a deer caught in the headlights after it leaked out that the RCMP might have known something (but not as much as the FBI) about those 'perps'. Although there was little terroristic in  what the redcoats knew. In regard to the 'stabber' (who tried to attack police with a knife), Bibeau and another later terrorist in London, Ontario, the 'national police' force had to 'share the honors' in bringing in the bad guys to Justice wuth the Americans, who apparently knew all and 'saw' more.

Perhaps the biggest problem Bob had to face was a decade or more's worth of bum-grabbing and bad behavior by some members of the Force. There had been a growing list of female officers who had filed official complaints about, and quit over,  varying levels of sexual harassment and career-damaging within the 'old boys' network of the Force. Zachardelli had ignored them. As  had the RCMP bureaucrat . The lady didn't have time and Bob had to do it all. It took him six years and all it amounted to was a statement that he was 'taking responsibility' and 'being accountable' for what the bad boys did.  He was sorry. And he wept.

But he didn't find, or fire, a single perpetrator.  So that 'institutional' horse pellet-generator is probably still functional. Waiting for the next tent pole.

One of his last great efforts was spent trying to get the Legislature to tighten-up on the anti-terrorism spying and security laws. Once again Bob was 'on point', relating for the 'pols' how a niece, a relative of Canada's top cop we tell ya - had been bamboozled into giving out personal information on the 'innernet' and had been hacked - badly,  if not completely to pieces. But he didn't seem to know how tougher laws were going to make it any more likely that the next person to 'hack' her wouldn't get away with that as well.

One of his last remarks to the troops was to quit bitching about the paltry 2.5 percent raise they got this year. That led them to reconsider forming a union , again - something Paulsen had kept a lid on. But they were refusing to wear the iconic 'scouts' hat and many were blocking their cavalry leg-stripe with duct tape.

So as Bob heads out the door and into Canada, we pause to say 'Well done! and a fond 'Adieu, Bob, Adieu!'

 May your motorpsycho miles be happy ones and your motel rooms plush and soft.

                                      Big Jimmy - the Bondo boy - RCMP veteran reserve

Maybe you could nail a nice gig training-up a real 'p'leece farce' for the gallant EUkrainians, or joining the peacemakers of Niger or Mali - but they don't speak much English out 'dere eh?  It's virt cert that Haiti is a wrap - but that might have caused domestic problems. Thre might even be a spot over at CSIS  ... ask Ralph.

And now for Somethings Silly

Things have been SOOOO tense this last couple of weeks, what with the threats of war 'bustin' out all over'  perhaps somebody media-savvy thought it was time to high-lite some  hi-jinks  -  just to take and edge off, see?

The Missing Armada

One of the things raising the heart rate was the possibility that 'the Norks' would strike out at the carrier group Carl Vinson as it deployed in support of South Korean peace and freedom. Or the dread that 'the Norks' wouldn't be able to get their peninsula out of the way in time  to prevent a collision. There we all were imagining - because opsec was, probably, preventing the carrier group from logging-in to the "where's he fleet and whut's it doin'" page on the US Naval website. We were living in fear as the fleet edged closer and closer to it's doom, or sailed valiantly toward vic'try,  depending on your perspective. It should have been getting there (even the Russians made better time stinking their war to Assad) but no news was coming in.  And then it did! Where was the Vinson?  Sailing into ICBM range and danger - no daddy! The Vinson was steaming south toward Australia - on a secret mission of some other kind. Possibly after that 'time portal' that would allow it to stop Pearl Harbor.  It wasn't much of a threat to Won Hung Low.

They're Playing Volleyball

One of America big fat red lines in Korea is the testing of any other 'nukuler' devices. To guard against that, America is deploying one of its satellites that actually can see shit. And it saw shit!  Apparently the Norks at one of their 'top secret' A-bomb development and testing sites were busy
playing volleyball!!!

The article then 'segwayed' into how volleyball is the number one sport in North Korea  and how back in '63 the Norks had placed third at the Olympics beating out the South Koreans and somebody else - probably in another misguided attempt at world domination.

Mike Pence the Sword and his Mommy

In an attempt to 'humanify' Veep Mike Pence who had delivered a wondrous oration to the nip[s just the day before jetting off to view the front in Korea, he w reported to have called his wife "Mother" while helping her to adjust a kevlar helmet and bulletproof vest.  Wasn't that sweet?

The day before he was reminding the Japanese of their Samurai ancestors and unsheathed swords and Korean pleasure wimmin and stuff. To-day he was in Jakarta praising the Islamic government there for all their 'moderation'. Guess Mike missed the festivities in East Timor. I know he was busy, making his first million, when Suharto eliminated all the commies.

Twerking for fun in EUkrainia.

They Busted an Iconoclast

A tit for your tat

Anti-gassing agency says 'nay'.

In a sort of riposte to Russia torpedoing the search for Assad's guilt for the gassing of his own people last week at he UN, the international body that keeps tabs on folk using chemical weapons declined to extend their investigation beyond what they had already done: determining that the victims transported to Turkey had, probably, been exposed to nerve gas agent.  Not that anybody actually went to Turkey or actually investigated anything. Like the UNSC, or some of its hairier members the OPCW was happy to take somebody's word for it along with 'the word' about who had done it.  They didn't want to have to get into specifics, as they did  in 2013,  when they determined that the rebels, rather than Assad, had probably gassed their own people back.     That's funny too.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Huber' "The Great Big Backfire Raid" and Current Events

 One of the funnier parts of the Book 'Bathtub Admirals'  - by  one of my favorite (but now deceased) bloggers  (Jeff Huber ) depicted an apocryphal incident - "The Great Big Backfire Raid" - when he was serving as the flight commander on board a US aircraft carrier in the North pacific during the 1980's.  The incident involved a spurious practice exercise to counter what was imagined to be a massive raid by Russian attack aircraft flying out of the Kuriles and Kamchatka peninsula to surprise, overwhelm and 'do dirt' to Uncle Sam's best Navy. The 'hero' of the story wins a cap feather for his plan to 'spoof' the Russians into attacking a submarine pretending to be a carrier task force, and then 'embarrassing' them  by having the 'cavalry' (US Naval air power) show-up to electronically clobber them with missiles.

                                         The 'forlorn hope' heading for peace in Korea

The greatness of that 'plan' gained him the approval of the bathtub admirals who later in the book, turn on him when he displays the greatest military sin - a 'lack of confidence' that prevented the fleet from piling into the flagship, after the commanding Admiral had ordered it to stop without informing the rest of the fleet. Huber points out that such 'initiative' may bring rewards, but it's a first-class ticket out of a service where 'playing by the rules' and attending to the persona of ones' 'betters' is the wiser and more career-healthy course.   Huber pointed out that his naval peers were among the commanders who took the US into its middle eastern adventures. Their 'heirs' are commanding the US navy to-day. By extrapolation it's more than likely that similar 'career pathways' are pre-eminent in the other US armed forces. Regular dismissals from service for undefined 'losses of confidence in abilities to command' are more -than-just- regular occurrences.

So it comes as no big surprise to find that someone in the military likely approved the deployment of a MOAB in Afghanistan last week.  One of the main questions about the bomb, which has been in the arsenal for at least 10 years now, is why it wasn't deployed in Afghanistan before?  A prototype was available to drop on Tora Bora when Bin Laden was hiding there and it wasn't used. Supplementary questions included 'why now' and 'who gave the order'? Turns out it wasn't the CinC.  Or he never claimed credit for the 'great event' - having 'authorized the military' - they did it. He 'rah rahs' them.


Which then makes one wonder how things are going to pan out in Syria, should somebody think a follow-up to the 'one off' is needed?  Or how things are going to  go in the East China Sea this week should a next-generation bathtub admiral feel threatened by 'the Norks', or how things will go in eastern Europe with, possibly, a latter-day 'pistol pete' and his understanding of a green light?

                                                   Norks 'just asking for it'.

The interview Trump gave on the occasion of the cruise-missling reposte to Assad 'gassing his own people' is  telling.  First of all the CinC screwed-up the accepted notion of what militaries are - describing how "the generals" had told him the ships were "locked and loaded" - I thought Admirals knew about ships - but they probably didn't have yacht element at Trump's prep school and regatta day wouldn't have been a biggie. The Prez  went on to confide how he's slipped 'the word' to the Chinese President that the birds were flying to Iraq, no make that Syria - but he had to be corrected. Then he went off on a tangent to describe his dessert.

                                                 Dessert for Donald

Meanwhile back to real reality.

I few into Toronto the day of the great big bomb scare.  Although there was no indication that much was wrong other than a half-hour delay after landing, in 'getting a gate' to unload, the 'cluster-feck' at CCIS seemed almost entirely normal.  It was only later that a possible unusual level of surliness in the border security service was explained by what had turned out to be a significant security event that happened earlier in the day.  A red eye flight to Chicago that morning included a US passenger who had, in his luggage what turned out to be a 'dummy explosive device'.  It was in his checked luggage and was detected by standard screening for such things.

The device was apparently accessed and 'sniffed' for explosives.  Detecting nothing the luggage was loaded on the aircraft, as was the passenger and the rest of those with him. The plane then proceeded on its way. If  I  have the story correct,  it was in the queue for take-off when something started to go awry and the 'flight' was halted.

It would appear that dummy explosive devices may appear regularly at airports, as part of the training and testing of security personnel and equipment. I imagine, too, that when such testing/training occurs there is someone in high command who knows about it, and when the correct, or incorrect determination is made, the 'targeted' flight can proceed with no real hassle. In this event it appears that nobody may have known about any testing or training and that's hat caused  the stoppage.

A subsequent investigation revealed that the American traveler was traveling with his own personal 'dummy explosive device' - for whatever reason. The results were a 'mischief ' charge for him,  a significant delay for the 100 + people traveling with him, who had to have all their luggage re-checked and themselves re-processed for security an US immigration, a very late flight, missed connections and the disruption of one of Canada's busiest airports for a day. And then there were the high fives and congratulations that 'lives were saved' - even passengers were relieved by all the success.

I guess it was better they didn't know that somebody in 'security'  after sniffing the bomb - pictured below - still thought it was a good idea to put it, and the guy who owned it,  on their airplane.  Only somebody's toes 'getting stepped-upon' stopped it from flying to Chicago.

                                                   The Toronto 'pseudo-bomb'

Friday, April 07, 2017

Heads Up!

I thought I'd be writing about EUkrainia being really invaded. But no!

                                                    The Hebrew Sooth sayer

                                               Porko's peace bang-bang goes ka-blooie!

                                     Another one bites the dust - shot by a real EUkrainian

I started this. Then went 'on hols' for a few days. While I was away the shit hit the fan.

It seems that, after hearing that the Trump administration was removing the gunsights from himself and, perhaps,  the Baathists, peace-wise,  the President of Syria decided that he needed to, or more likely just wanted to,  drop some chemical weapons on a target within easy reach of the 'white helmet'  Oscar winners and the media attached to the Syrian Human Rights Observatory.

The necessity (or desire) was imparted to the world by little miss Haley, America's mouth at the UN. While not as strident as Gudrun the Widder, she makes the kind of case that would leave a Seal team in tears. She did a number on Assad and used the pix supplied by media 'on the scene' as evidence of the 'eevuls' tyrants do.  From 40 seconds after the first 'announcement;' the world knew who dunnit. This time it may not have been Putin, but Putin has his back.

                                                               The Russian 'slant'.

Big Donnie has decided to act 'Presidential' after the Syrian rebels supplied him with a saga. While, surprisingly, the 'Star Sangled Banner' crowd aren't waving lighters out front of the White House just yet (they want him to DO more), the 'innernational community'  and Trumps 'bettors' are adulating the hell out of the big palooka.  You'd almost swear they were 'up' for going 'in' alongside the Marines. Dead babies have such massive affects on those who don't believe aborted ones wind-up in a surgical bucket - or don't want to see those either.

Assad took the attack with equanimity. He sent a panel of generals out to inspect the destruction - that photo duly posted in western mendia - some kind of couterpoint that military sheiks are waaaaay safer than Syrian civilan infants, eh?  Even AFTER a damned good bombing.

Putin, the basilisk,  didn't act very 'manly' either. He simply called the attack a bad name and said he'd be slipping some more AA defences into Syria. He didn't 'go nuts' over his subway bombing either, rounding-up accused perps the next day, just like he had a regular security organization  - like Sweden's. No racing off to drop 'payback' bombs on Kirghizstan.   But he didn't have the 'slaughter of the innocents' on Anderson's '360' and CNN,  did he?

The neocons and their fundamentalist Israel-loving (Bennie hearted that bombardment) buddies now in power (still)  in America  are going to have to do a lot better before 'the sheeple' start to lose interest in the White Sales and start demanding more bayonet practices. They 'fecked-it-up'  under Bush and let Obama away with murder - for all the wrong reasons. Problem is, there is still a large 'rump' of America who, while they might love bombing bad guys for killing babies,  still hate Trump on principle and would neither buy a condo, or another war, from him.


 But it's all no surprise.  Note the last one from South front. It was posted November 2016.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

We're Havin' a Hearin', a Congressional Hearin'

America's latest best 'reality TV show' is now on - coming live from the legislature in Washington DC.  A "bilateral committee" of Washington politicos is looking into the case of the 'fudged' election and whether, or not, all the 'new' President's men had any truck with the 'comintern' in the Kremlin.

I say fudged as opposed to 'probably fudged' or the even more vague 'possibly fudged' election, because one thing EVERYBODY on the committee is sure about is that the Russians  'did something' to affect a US election.  They're trying to find out just what that was and who helped them do it. And PROVE it.  As a side show,  the committee is investigating any links anybody in the Trump administration may have had with the Russians. This because the most recent National Security director was in communication with the Russian ambassador to the US from a holiday home in the West Indies and the phone call was intercepted. He 'lied' about it and was forced to resign.  Since then the hue and cry 'who else' had gone up, followed, shortly,  by 'did Trump know about it?'

And so the pols have gathered.  But what initially looked like a slam dunk for the deprived Hilary is starting to look more like a national fiasco.

Recently  on the hot seat, one James Comey - head honcho of the FBI, who was assisted by some Admiral presently commanding the NSA. What a well-watered dope that lad is.  He led-off his perambulation by informing the panel that, although he had already imparted all his security wisdom to the principals of the body, and normally would not divulge what his agency was doing, he was "empowered" to let them all know that the FBI was investigating the Russian theft of a US election.

He concluded as to how, what he was about, was protecting America and Americans, wrapped himself in bumpff and hooey, then opened the floor to some questions. Some of the questions he was asked touched on other possible investigations - he was very fey about responding to those - pleading his version of 'the fifth' (If I told ya, we'd have ta kill ya, etc.) . But he received at least two 'lobs' that he must have thought he had belted right out of the park. One of those was in regard to Trump's recent charges that Obama had had his phone tapped.  When Comey replied that he 'had no information on that', his pronouncement was received as 'proof' that Obama had done no such thing and Trump was lying, again. The second lob was about Putin stealing the election by leaking stolen email - on that he could state it was true and the FBI was investigating the details. The big dope beside  him indicated that the NSA "had no information about that", because the NSA didn't focus on America but on threats from outside. You can go figure how that statement parlayed itself into  definitive proof that Putin had gerrymandered an election away from Clinton.   Apparently "I don't have any information" is a very meaningful term to US pols and their supersleuths.

He also dropped himself into some difficulty. - or allowed some sharpie to bamboozle him. One Representative - howdy dowdy or something, started to ask him about the intent of the FISA act and the courts in protecting Americans while attacking terror. Comey agreed that there were safeguards in place to protect innocent Americans who might inadvertently show up in investigations that did not really involve them. Their rights were protected by 'masking' their identity even up to the highest offices.  A jail term of 10 years was stipulated for anyone who "feloniously" divulged such information.  Dopey from the FBI even huffed and puffed a little about his desire to offer such protection. He asked his big buddy if the NSA could 'unmask' such  Americans and was told yes but only a handful were so qualified. He admitted there were more FBI employees who could 'unmask' Americans - because they dealt with more Americans (if that makes any sense)  'possibly a hundred',  but Comey didn't know for sure.

Led down a garden path,  Comey admitted there were others who could 'unmask' Americans cited in reports, if they were asked to, by higher authorities.

And then the representative unloaded. He laid out a chain of reports in national newspapers describing how 16 Americans - all members of the Trump transition team - had been 'unmasked' in a variety of materials that were 'gathered' apparently under FISA rules. There was no criminal cause for gathering the information and even less cause for having these citizens 'unmasked'. When asked if the FBI was investigating that crime Comey admitted it was a felony but he fell back on the 'fifth' and would neither admit or deny anything.  This is the start of another House investigation. For somebody leaked information and somebody unmasked as-yet-innocent Americans. And somebody requested their unmasking.

To round-off a bad day for the good guys, one of the co-chairs reported, to the media and President Trump, that he had been given evidence that indicated that "communications" from Trump administration staffers had been "inadvertently gathered" by National Security organizations. Information, the Chairman pointed out, that was available, now, to the officers of National Security organizations but also to politicians who might have been part of the former administration. Information that had been withheld from the sitting President.

The 'reaction' to that news was that, by failing to notify his Democrat co-chair of the finding before notifying the President, he had essentially 'destroyed' the work of the House committee.  Things had been going so well to nail Trump and then ..... kismet.  Trump might have been right about his email being 'tapped' and possibly Obama getting it. Whether Obama ordered that, or not, remains to be seen.

'Inadvertent' seems to have become a positive American character trait.

The Ever Present Threat to Things Flying through the Air

                                                 Orv and Wib and the first air fatality

Ever since Wilbur and Orville noticed that somebody could get hurt on, in, or under, a flying machine, mankind has taken 'the willies' about the notion of being smashed to death when an aluminium foil flying device  comes in contact with anything harder than itself. Indeed one of the scarier thoughts, and the subject of a number of  'thrillers' and actual murder plots, is to have something explode in a plane ... and fire its human contents into the open air and at great height. As some wag said of such things, 'it isn't the fall (if you've been spared the blast) that kills you, it's the sudden stop at the bottom'.

In the bad old days, when people weren't so easily 'radicalized', a notice on the wall often took the place of somebody with a gun as 'security' - in train and bus stations and airports, But those 'old ways' have changed.

                                                 Old fashioned 'nukuler' test site warning

To-day we are constantly reminded, as our forebears apparently weren't,  that life can be extremely transitory (as if it isn't) and that we need to be aware, very aware. Well somebody standing on the ramparts of our freedom needs to be aware, anyway.

                                               See the large cloud? The 'drone' didn't do it

And so, to-day, in a growing number of places, the fear that somebody can slip something explosive into a very difficult place,  has forced some of our defenders to ban all electronic devices - above a certain size, from being 'boarded' onto an aircraft with a passenger attached - at least from a small number of all-of-a-sudden 'very dangerous' air hubs.  If previous instant is any guide,  such 'prevention' will grow into a pound and  then a ton of cure - very soon,  everywhere.  For aren't 'they' out to get 'us' where ever we, and they, may be found?  If we plug one rat hole,  won't they only open another?  They used to just plant explosive  in luggage and detonate planes  but we've made that 'too hard' for them to do. They've tried exploding shoes and explosive underwear - should we be surprised that they've figured some molecular way of getting it into a functioning laptop or IPad?  Christ,  the ARE trying to kill us all, aren't they?

                                     You could get maybe three or four grams of Boom-boom in there.

But never mind that, if they can get a bomb into your electronics, or their own, and get it onto an aircraft, it won't be any less dangerous in the cargo hold than it would be under your seat - at least personally, in a very direct way. (see the falling from great height reference above.)

To me the new precaution doesn't make a lot of sense, or as much sense as checking electronics for traces of explosive - they do - and making sure they actually work - they don't.  Some folk are saying, to-day, it's actually a 'safety measure' about exploding lithium batteries. That begs the question about what makes lithium batteries getting on  planes at 6 specific airports more dangerous than the lithium batteries getting on planes everywhere else?  Some of these batteries have been known to burst into flames.  I'm pretty sure that 'fire on board the aircraft' is probably lesson two in the aircraft safety training program - right after 'fastened seatbelts' and just after 'barfing'.

                                                     checking for explosive earbuds

Some other minds are saying it's 'airline competition' at work.  But who's losing here?  The business class? They regularly rent their 'own' plane for international travel and despite what's said at the other end, their baggage stows where their baggage goes. And many places they're VIP enough to have it and themselves whisked-off the airport tarmac with a police escort - unchecked and untroubled by customs and immigration. Frankly, Scarlett, I can't see the competition at work here, unless only some airlines flights are involved and not the travelers  from those 6 'hell-holes'  - with what could be 'kinetic' electronics.

                                         No bombs on this baby - unless it's assassination

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


The first 'green on green' attack in Afghanistan, in a number of years, was reported yesterday when an Afghan soldier, apparently, turned a weapon on US 'advisors' wounding three of them.  The comcomittent reaction to the story ran the gamut from "let's be gone" to "vitrify the place", with almost every other previous comment mentioned,  in between.

While it isn't yet clear the Trump will - as some military experts, including the latest 'legatus legionis' to have been appointed, are calling for -  'mandate' a revitilized 'surge'.  Something useful to take back all those now-deserted 'posts' and 'bases', fly-in loads of new air conditioners, fridges and large screen TV's to replace those now 'aging'  in Afghan trash dumps. Something kinetic 'take the fight to the Taliban' (again), who have 'threatened' to overwhelm one of the best-trained and -equipped 'forces for freedumb' in west Asia.

They ( the pundits0 are giving Trump a triple option  for Afghanistan:  stalemate, failure or sending in more troops. Somehow I don't think Trump is going to want to win 'Bushco''s war in Afghanistan, or Obama's in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine or  West Africa for that matter, before he starts, and wins, one of his very own,  somewhere else. If he's smart,  he'd try 'doing' Venezuela - or Liberia.

Along with the steady stream of suicide bombings and the operations of the Afghan military, as Afghanistan 'gears-up' for another "fighting season",  the generous people of America have shipped-in another 4 Super Toucanos to help them make the jihadis 'stand-down' - and probably a double ration of anti-personnel bombs 'on the side'.  It's what real democracies do.

Here's a good bit of insight from Andre Vltchek, writing on Afghanistan, in Globalresearch - the Canadian alternative to the American  'neocon' narrative.

Andre Vltchek

Yemen: bleeding Yemen

 Aside from the odd report of another bombing travesty, or Special forces raid,  whatever is happening in Yemen continues to happen largely out of the eye of the western news reader.  Even the media 'spinsters' who have much of modernity in thrall to their blasts and counterblasts, ignore what's going-on in the middle east or at least the Arabian peninsula, as if how someone sits on a Whitehouse couch is ever-so-much-more imprtant.

Here are a couple of stories that have squeaked out

 The first in regard to 'Trump's BIG Seal raid:  US DoD released 'intel' material 'taken during the raid' one item of which was an AQ 'training video.'  It turns out that this was nothing new, a copy of the same video had been released on DOD sources a few years back. So the dead Yemenis at the very best had a ccopy of some very dated 'training' material.  Or somebody goofed by reposting archival material and calling it 'new'.   Whatever,  the official line is that the raid was 'a success' and some 'valuable intel' was found. This just wasn't it.

It's not botched, really. Trust us. 

The latest sad tale surfaced last week when it was reported that 'something' had shot-up a boatload of refugees, in the 'war zone'  off the coast of Yemen,  killing a number and resulting in a necessaary  humanitarian 'rescue' operation.  As time went by and the corpses drifted in for pick-up,  it turns out the incident 'might have been' a Saudi  Coalition Apache strike on what somebody thought was a boatful of 'smugglers bearing arms into Yemen'. That apparently happens 'all the time' and is probably why the Houtis haven't, as yet, surrendered to the 'natural' government  of their nation, or its coalition allies.  What is interesting is that refugees weren't travelling, as one might expect, from war-ravaged, starving Yemen to relative safety in Djibouti or the Horn of Africa states, these were refugees 'fleeing' almost-stable Somalia for an active, first-world category, war zone in Yemen. And they didn't make it.

Refugees under airstike

UNHCR appalled

Latest developments

In the wake of the travesty, a story floated out that the 'natural'  government of Yemen was  'pulling the plug' on America's airborne bombardment assistance plan (ABAP). Commenting from relative safety and civilization in Egypt, the 'Yemeni government-in-waiting' rapidly recanted the tale. The USA will be fully-vested in any bombing of Yemen, or Yemenis,  that they deem fit, or necessary to do. It IS for the 'good' of the people, and, if some eggs have get broken, they will all still enjoy the omlelet.

from Cairo

Last Word from the UNHRC - save the poor Somalis 

And as they used to say in 'revolutionary' places - 'la lutte continue, la victoire est certaine'. In this case there is no certainty of victory, just more death and lutte.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

If You've been Keeping-up with Syria ... Duh! Eh?

If you've been keeping-up with Syria - which seems to have been knocked-out of western media by the murder of the Nork's leader's older 'playboy' stepbrother and the on-going saga of the 'evil that is Trump' - you may have noticed there is little being reported.  But that doesn't mean there is nothing going on.

 If you look at a situation map you will notice that Syria is, now, split into enclaves occupied by the actors of the piece. the Syrian Arab government and its Syrian Arab Army hold the capital and areas around it, they hold a strip of land extending toward the north west corner of the country - fighting is going on in Idlib (west of Aleppo). They have retaken Aleppo and are advancing east on two fronts  into territory held by ISIS.

ISIS territory now extends in a wide strip to the southeast, through central Syria, to the border of Iraq. It contains the ISIS capital of Raqqa and the air base city of Deir ez Zor.  The North Eastern part of Syria is largely held by Kurdish forces of the PKK, they also hold territory south of the Turkish border in western Syria.  It is to prevent the Kurds forming a large enclave along the border, that Turkish forces made an incursion into Syria  "in support of FSA forces fighting ISIS" (coloured green on the map above) .

The FSA ("moderate" rebels)   hold a considerable enclave west of Aleppo and another north of the Jordanian border. They also hold smaller enclves and villages in government-held territory.

An enclave in north central Syria has been invaded from Turkey. The Turks claim to be supporting an ill-defined group of what they claim are FSA fighters and who accompany them on operations.

                                            SFA "fighters" employed by the Turks.

Very recently the  White House announced that a US Marine artillery unit was being deployed to 'Raqqa' to assist FAS forces. There have been other US forces in Syria for some time now. They have taken and control the area around a Syrian Air Force base in the northeastern part of the country. It is possible that these forces are supporting Syrian Kurdish forces, although the PKK is, still,  designated as a 'terrorist organizaton' by the USA.It is reported that both US and Russian forces are located in the same city  Manbij, in  the northeast

US/Russian forces 'eyeball' each other.

In other areas the government has succeeded in removing rebel forces from water sources supplying the cities of Baghdad and Aleppo. Water has been restored to the former and is being restored to the latter.The government continues to be criticized for continuing to attack rebel-held areas in a few of its cities (Homs for example)

In a demonstration of the effect of the war,  a 1 000 man 'legion' (5th) was mobilized by the government,  after completing training, just last week.   It is reputed to have been trained to a highly effective edge by Russian trainers. While that might be the case, one only has to look in the ranks to see that Syria could be at the "Heimwehr'  stage of military population. The 5th Legion is currently part of the force 'stretching the envelope' around recently re-liberated Palmyra.  I'm inclined to  think that a very large number of Syria's fighting-age males are (wisely?) living out-of-country.

Friday, March 10, 2017

дезинформация (dezinformatsiya:disinformation)

The American disease is spreading north!  It's called "disinformation", Russian disinformation,  and how it's gonna wreck civilization.

                                  "Left foot in, left foot out - doing jiggery pokery, shake it all about"

For the past two days, it would appear, Canada has either been under attack or is imminently going to be attacked (depending on which one of the two 'media sources' (Macleans Magazine, National Post) that 'discovered' it)  by whatever parts of Russia are accused of 'attacking' America - skewing the vote there and electing a President nobody - 'except Putin' - wanted.

                                                     What more needs be said?

The 'threat', we are told, has arisen since Canada announced, on Tuesday, (well that's a fib, Putin has been trying to 'screw' Canada, or Krystia Freeland or both, for a much longer time),  that it will be continuing to 'support' Ukraine, in  small part, by maintaining a force of 200  military trainers, in Ukraine, until 2019.  No mention of Canada's already having had military forces, periodically,  in Ukraine dating back some 20 years and that whatever 'parts of Russia' etc,  not attacking us - until now.

                                 Khristia .... and freedumb. She even looks like a real Canadian

What this 'disinformation attack' is about is our (relatively) new Foreign Affairs Minister, Krystia Freeland and her stalwart defence of EUkrainia. It would appear that 'Russia' has, lately, been attacking her, personally, by claiming that her grandfather - a Ukrainian 'refugee' (they used to be called "DP's"  after WW2),  spent some of his 'war' time working for a  pro-Nazi,  anti-Jew, -Pole, -communist, etc publication that blossomed after Ukraine was 'liberated' by Hitler & Co.  The Russians have already listed Freeland on a 'sanctioned persons' list for some of the things she said and did, in person, to get Russians sanctioned here in Canada.  This latest 'move' (other than having been attributed to 'pro-russian blogs', there is no proof the Russian governmment is actually attacking at all)  is, supposedly, just like the Russian 'disinformation campaigns' that have blighted recent modern history. Although it would seem that, like the other 'disinformations',  the facts of the story are essentially true - but 'lacking in nuance'.

That good 'nuance' is being provided in Canadian media (Toronto Star) to correct the disinformation 'nuance' goes like this:

1.   You won't understand if you weren't there.  "War is hell", General Sherman said that, and you can't make omelets without breaking heads. Dirty deeds get done, by accident mostly, and, well, just because "good people" are scared for their lives and willing to do almost anything to survive.

2.  Some of them pretend to do one thing (bad stuff)  but they are really heroes (Brad Pitt and the Nazi-killerz?) , like Krystia's grandad, who used his 'job' to get documents for, and save the lives of,  "anti-nazi fighters".  Don't even try to understand it, except the 'other guys' were worse.

3.  It's been so long now and, heck, Krystia had nothing to do with it - except editing the book her Uncle wrote about his Pop.

4. There were a few of 'ex-nazis' who may have 'sneaked in' with the real refugees but they went on to live in peace and, we hope, tried to live down any evil they had done. If we caught them, we dealt with them ... so we're good and now so are they - unless somebody from Israel finds them.

5. The whole family would have been dead - murdered by the filthy Russians or Russian-sympathizing 'Commie' Ukrainians -  if they'd stayed in Europe - so would Krystia and she's innocent.

                                              Hier Wir haben den gutes Nazis. So?

This is  the 'Canadian chapter' of the 'other' Russian 'disinformation':  that there are  modern 'Nazis' fighting in Ukraine, and in the 'revolutionary' government there.  Once again the 'disinformation' may be in the nuance, for there are 'nazis',  or people who seem to espouse the 'value' of that aspect of Ukrainian history,  who actually do form voluntary military units fighting alongside regular Ukrainian armed forces, in what they call 'the ATO'. And some of the (former) leadership of such groups do hold high office in the government of Ukraine. One of them was invited to, and did, address the Parliament of Canada.  But, once again, our 'nuance' might (probably does) make him a great guy. The truth may be that, politically, he's still well 'right' of Oskar Dirlewanger.

                              Pariuby, founder of the Ukrainian Nazi party, smiles on parliament

So what's the effect of all  this?

Well  for starters - it's going to make any sort of improvement in the relationship between Canada and Russia 'more complicated' - if we wanted anything like that. Not that Canada needs worry,  for we've gotten along well without Russians for so long, now. For about 9 years Canada has been in the forefront of those nations of the world who have more concern for downtrodden Russians and the 'evil  that is done to them by their government'  than we do for the downtrodden of most other places on earth. Human rights for Russians seem far more important, to Canada, than, say, human rights for a lot of other people - many kinds of Moslems come to mind. For instance what Putin is 'doing to the gay population of Russia' is somehow much worse than anything Israel does, regularly, to the ordinary people of Gaza or what's happening to  the Rohinga, or the Houthis. We complain about Russia  and 'defund' our charities aimed at helping Palestine - or Yemen - or the Assad side of Syria.  Moslems 'do things' to "deserve" their treatment and Russian gays, well, they just don't.

But this isn't only about Russia for, you see, like Israel - (and this is perhaps why we don't gripe about human rights there; they have great human rights - for Israelis),  Ukraine is 'under attack'. Yes they don't like gays there, either, but the 'new' Ukrainian police, unlike Russian police, show-up to 'protect' the 'Rainbow March'. If Putin wasn't being so bad to them, they'd be nicer to everybody - or pass more nice laws they won't 'be able' to enforce. Ukraine has been "invaded", parts of it "illegally annexed" (Disinformation?  Nah, undebateable 'facts', dropped and left because they're 'common knowledge') and right now Ukraine is 'holding the Russians back from destroying European culture' (dezinformatsiye - in Ukrainian) . It needs "more effective" weapons, and it needs more money to fight - and to look after culture,  art and beauty - things they would be more interested in than armored divisions, bulletproof vests, night vision glasses and ballistic helmets if only ...  Putin would leave them in peace!

Canada is willing to help train-up the army to do all that the 'right way'. We have, and will, continue to give them money. Ms Freeland and the Ukrainian-Canadian community would like Canada to give them, (even sell if necessary), "more effective" weapons to shoot at 'their' Donbass. But I may be 'disinformed' - maybe EUkraine doesn't need money, or weapons, or anything else and is really at peace ..... nah.

'Russian invasions' play better - we grew up  with that threat - we've 'seen' them on the TV - in Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia. We've 'seen' what the Russians have done to Afghanistan, to Latvia and Lithuania and Estonia - oops, those may have been anti-Russian events. We've seen Kruschev and his UN shoe (something else never actually recorded on film)  and we've 'known the fear' of a nuclear stand-off.  We've heard the warning sirens - and we've ducked and covered.

Like the nice man in the Star said, to-day, 'We weren't really there and we can't understand' - he may be right. But if he is, then shouldn't we take into consideration that, having lost World War One and come very close to losing the Second World War Two, the Russians  have 'been there' more than we have?  And might understand Ukraine better than some romantically-homesick 'Canadian' greatgrandchildren?

                                            Definitely NOT bullshit - it's Love

Disinformation aside, what we need to bear in mind that this could all be heading in a direction our grandparents (who "didn't want to know" about war  (?)- the Star) had some real fear of going. Depending on everybody to be 'rational' about nuclear weapons when they can't be rational about an election, accents the point that emotions 'make us' do more than common sense - and often the 'wrong' thing. Disinformation, whether coming from Russia, or the counter-disinformation 'necessary' to make 'theirs' look bad - drives an emotional reaction.  If you've heard Krystia when she gets' upset' you would know that.

I checked out the word 'disinformation' - it didn't look like a 'real' word. It wasn't - until sometime in the 1980's. According to Wikipedia,  it's a 'translation', or transliteration, of a probably-just-as-contrived "Russian word".  Isn't it strange that, having bested the propaganda of the Comintern, and International Communism, the 'agitprop' and a plethora of Soviet propaganda forms about almost everything we love, we have to 'borrow' another 'Russian  word'  to describe something even more nefarious - 'twisting the truth'.

                             Definitely not bullshit either - it's desecrating a Presidential bed

It's a pity that there are such 'truths' for them to find, and twist.

Some other of our 'truths'?  Good guys have to be evil - otherwise, 'the other guys would win'.  THEY 'choose' to do evil and WE have it forced on us. We're good and they're just not. Like Krystia's granddad and all the German Nazis?

                                     Casey, Casey... Casey from the emerald isle - and 'the agency'

ADDENDUM: Smashback Canada

From the pages of the little tabloid that should - Canada's opposition leader (pro tem) - the gorgeous and smart Rona Barrett - reminds us all of the diplomat and pantywaister that was Steve Harper 'standing-up' to Putin when all the other leaders of 'the wurld' were too afraid. Yes!  Steve told Vlad to  'Get out of Ukraine' and backed-that-up by banning a couple of Russian businessmen and some others from ever coming to Canada,  if they were thinking about that. He deployed the forces (or a couple of hundred of them) to go on a mission to 'train-up' a 'real' military for EUkrainia  and backed their fight for 'freedumb'. He  gave them money and flak vests, boots and helmets ( they left most of those unused for the rebels at Debaltsevo).  But he failed to send them the lethal weapons they so desperately needed to kill even more eastern Ukrainians than the 10 000, or so, they already have, with the lethal weapons they've already got.

And now, having so desperately tried , striven even, to "normalize" relations with the Russians - it's time for 'the Kid' to "get serious" (never mind the new troops he's deployed to Ukraine and the Baltics, or the money he's donated for us,  the Mounties now 'training-up' a real police force to match that military in EUkraine, or all his support for their 'freedumb')  and do "what we've done for the Kurds", fer pete's sakes, arm those poor Ukrainians!

And Jesus wept again.